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Supersan – Little Dakar (LP)


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LP Vinyl (Limited Edition)

Side A:

1. Otami
2. Diem Rek (feat. Jefree)
3. Degouma (feat. Jefree)
4. Fo Ne (feat. Jefree)

Side B:

5. Boyniew (feat. Jefree)
6. Yalla (feat. Jefree)
7. BLZ
8. Aquila


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Supersan – Little Dakar (LP)

Out of the primordial chaos of pandemic and two years since their last full-length outing SUPERSAN, those sassy purveyors of World Dance of the highest calibre return with a bang. Duo’s 3rd studio album soon to be released by Boom Selectah Records promises to turn heads and perk ears of the aficionados of Afro House but also has a potential to spill out from the niche and conquer the hearts of wider audiences.

The album titled ‘Little Dakar’ is’ the labour of love of two long time collaborators from Greece, Kostas and Valantis. This time their quest for musical purity and honesty is enriched and enhanced by stirring alliances. Scattered inside the audio-tapestry of this exotic wax flower you will find the vocals from ‘the voice of Senegal’ Jefree, and enchanting strumming from the fret of George Koltsiou. While rich traditions of Senegali music are particularly evident (and reflected in the album title), ‘Little Dakar’ goes far and beyond the sounds of a steamy Dakar Disco dancefloor. Finely tuned ear is in for a treat and could easily travel the distances between Senegal, Angola, Ghana, Uganda and Mali to name but a few. But you don’t have to be an expert to fall in love with this album. The multidimensional colours of African musical heritage are easily accessible to a novice too as the references to better known House and Funk traditions could be heard loud and clear throughout the record.

What makes ‘Little Dakar’ stand out as a clear winner is the up-tempo, dancefloor-oriented approach that SUPERSAN chose to pursue on their third studio album. With ease and panache, the duo throws our way some insane musical chops, while keeping the mood Sunny and vocal hooks joyful. The spectre of moods with which SUPERSAN bombard us is impressive but be it the epic retro-tinged drive of ‘Diem Rek’ or somewhat more sombre, afro-gothic yet seductive push of ‘BLZ’, the hooks of the ‘Little Dakar’ are unmistakably sharp and are sure to act as a call to arms on any discerning dancefloor.
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