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SUPERSAN – Half Man Half Clap (2LP)


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       SIDE A

  1. Escafandra
  2. Turaco
  3. Buen Capitán ft. Boogat & DJ Incidental
  4. Mira Quente ft. Lola Porfirio & P-Gial

       SIDE B

  1. Suez ft. Kuppo
  2. Compasso
  3. New World Calypso ft. MC ZULU
  4. Cultura Podiguar ft. Neguedmundo

       SIDE C

  1. Sputnik
  2. Musica Del Barrio ft. Princesa
  3. Danger ft. BNC The Disco Vampire
  4. Novo Dia ft. Soraia Drummond

       SIDE D

  1. Suena ft. Audry Funk
  2. Miles Upon Miles
  3. Apituri
  4. Santa Luzia (Part 1 & 2)

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SUPERSAN – Half Man Half Clap (2LP)

Half Man Half Clap is the first album release of dynamic electronic duo SUPERSAN.

Panama Cardoon & Mister Kentro started working together in 2014 with the idea of uniting the Tropical spirit with the Caribbean and Jamaican styles into an album. So they started writing music specifically for some of their favourite contemporary vocalists from around the Globe, which they later asked to accompany them in this project. And they also reached out to some inspiring musicians to help them with the production, all of them major players in their field. The Transatlantic connection of SUPERSAN was taking shape and form.

Three years later, in 2017, after thousands of e-mails, skype calls between people that never actually met and contributions from all around the Globe, the album is complete. Sixteen tracks of contemporary electronic World Music from the perspective of the global club scene. The list of collaborators is long, including the winner of Canada’s Juno Award of World Music Album Boogat, the Panamanian electro reggae pioneer MC Zulu, Neguedmundo who sung on the famous ‘Chapa Coco’ track released by Maga Bo’s Kafundo records, Brazil’s DJ Incidental from the same label along with his musical soulmate Lola Porfirio, the Mexican rising star Audry Funk, the Argentinian queen of Dembow Princesa, Salvador’s award winning Soraia Drummond, BNC The Disco Vampire from the Dominican Republic, the talented guitarist P-Gial and the Greek veteran dj Kuppo.

Traditional genres and rhythms such as Ciranda, Cumbia, Forró, Afrobeat, met more modern styles such as Hip-Hop, Reggaeton, Breakbeat, Moombahton, and Disco to name a few. Sometimes two or more genres are combined in one track, twisted together with modern beats and given a fresh approach – such as Embolada and Dancehall on “Compasso”, and Afro-House and Dub on “Santa Luzia (Part 1 & 2)” – but always with respect to the tradition.

Unusually, there is no title track of the album. This is because a unique name was given to describe the dedicated effort they put into this project: “Half Man Half Clap”. The sound and the application of the “clap” (in the form of electronic beats) was a key element throughout the album’s production, which consumed a great deal of SUPERSAN’s time over these three years of hundreds of hours spent in the studio which blurred the distinction between man and clap.

The LP will be released both as digital and as a Limited Edition Double Gatefold 12″ Vinyl. The album cover and the inner gatefold artworks are made by the talented British collage artist Ventral Is Golden. Each copy will be handnumbered. The album is supported by the legendary Greek national World music radio station Kosmos FM.

released March 20, 2017

Written, produced and arranged by

Kostas ‘Panama Cardoon’ Kervis & Valantis ‘Mister Kentro’ Sakoulis. Recorded between 2014 and 2016 at various locations around the Globe.


‘Buen Capitán’ co-written with Eudes Ciriano. Lyrics and voice: Daniel Russo Garrido.

‘Mira Quente’ co-written with Panos Gialelis. Lyrics: Eudes Ciriano. Voice: Renata Porfírio.

‘Suez’ co-written with Alexandros Zournatzis.

‘Compasso’ Bass: Michael Paltachienti.

‘New World Calypso’ Lyrics and voice: Dominique “MC ZULU” Rowland.

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