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Booking Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution

Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution

Booking Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution


Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution is Blend Mishkin’s new full band.

Roots Evolution was first found together in 2015 as a studio band for the needs of Blend Mishkin’s albums.

The purpose of the band is to translate the compositions of Blend’s albums by giving them a new breath and energy. Blend’s music can be deconstructed and redefined by focusing on dub as a “live remixing” process. Their purpose is to create at the same time a dancing and spiritual atmosphere.

On stage, for years Blend’s partner, BNC aka Jeff Gonzalez is the leader singer. Dimitris Stergiou aka General Sticks is playing the drums and Vasilis Nitsakis is playing the bass. Nikitas Kalousis is playing the keyboards and the trumpet. Stelios Mihas Englezos is playing the trombone and Blend Mishkin is at the dub and live remixing process.

“Survival of the fittest” was released by Nice Up! in 2015 and won several first-place sales in record stores.

A year later they met again for the recordings of “In Real Life” album. This album released by Blend Mishkin’s personal label, Rewind Guaranteed [2016]. The album has received and continues to receive very good reviews from most of the European Reggae magazines.

In 2019 they released their third album called ‘Wild Fire’. ‘Wild Fire’ released by the French label ‘Undisputed Records’ in vinyl. ‘Wild Fire’ features an amazing assemblage of artists such as Jamaican singer Carlton Livingston (Studio One, Greensleeves) and UK’s finest Gappy Ranks. Another great feature is Europe’s dancehall president Skarra Mucci and up and coming reggae-star Jay “Double Tiger” Spaker (Dub Stuy, John Brown’s Body).

Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution have appeared in many Greek and European festivals and clubs. In UK they have played at Boomtown Fair, One Love, The Reggae Garden Festival, Hootananny Brixton and Attic Bristol. They have also played at Soul Shake Down (BE), Neversea (RO), Cosmopolis Festival (GR), Air Gampel (CH), BRF (GR) and many others.

  • Survival Of The fittest” LP (Nice Up Records, 2015)
  • “In Real Life” – Promise No Promises Meets Blend Mishkin & Roots Evolution LP (Rewind Guaranteed, 2016)
  • “Wild Fire” LP (Undisputed Records, 2019)
  • Sugahspank & Blend Mishkin – Paint Everything White LP (Boom Selectah Records/Rewind Guaranteed, 2020)

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